Cuba Travel Tips

Revolutionaries, retro cars and more important – RUM. Cuba has a definite going back in time attraction.

A trip to Cuba is undoubtedly romantic and exciting – you will need to realize how the island works to get the best out of your visit to Cuba.

There are visa rules. And dual currencies. For sure, Cuba can be very confusing for newbies.

A multitude of flights to Cuba are available from around the world. Both direct and non-direct. At this time  there are no direct flights to Cuba from the US. Most airlines going through Canada, Spain or Mexico. After a historic agreement in February 2016 – US airlines will soon be able to fly to Cuba for the first time in 53 years. Several airlines are planning direct routes to Havana, and other Cuban cities are in the pipeline. Similarly, cruises from Miami (Cuba is just 145 kilometers away from Florida) are due to start in 2016.